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Our Ingredient Promise

Hand-poured in small batches with 100% organic soy wax. We use only lead-free, cotton wicks, and the highest quality fragrance and essential oils. No added dyes or chemicals.

100% soy wax, pure fragrance, essential oils, lead free cotton wicks, environmental friendly glasses and containers? Sounds alluring, but what does this actually mean?

Soy Candles offer a much longer burn time than paraffin based candles, and are perfect for indoors as they burn without smoke or soot! Soy Wax is considerably more Eco-friendly than paraffin waxes. We use 100% cotton wicks, providing a consistent, stable, heavy metal free flame. Soy wax burns without creating soot or smoke unlike other waxes.

We’re passionate about perfume creation, not business.

We use the finest quality fragrance oils, soy wax and wicks. Each candle is hand poured into a glass container and individually labeled by hand right here. No phthalates. No added dyes or chemicals. Environmentally friendly, long lasting, clean burn.

And as an added bonus?

Our formulas are vegan-friendly and cruelty free! We also believe that plant-based formulas are as effective as any others and this is why we keep all of our formulations vegan.

Each candle is meticulously hand poured in a classic, contemporary tumbler that looks elegant in any decor and is easily re-used or recycled.

Enjoy your simple living with good quality candles from Thailand, Siam Candles.

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